BOE was founded by a family with love for music and New Mexico. It’s sole purpose is to celebrate diversity and the culturally rich sounds of America on the backdrop of New Mexico - the land of enchantment. The show broadcasts and streams nationally on PBS. Season One was filmed in Tucumcari, New Mexico, where 12 unique acts descend on this Route 66 town, rich in history, to take viewers on a mystical ride to explore music and the Southwest like never-before. Tucumcari is an ancient Comanche word which means, “to lie in wait for something to approach,” and Bands of Enchantment has that irreplaceable quality. The show was Created by New Mexico State University Alumni Ken C Peterson and Executive Produced by his step dad, Vince Chavez Sr, and step brother Vince ‘Ty’ Chavez. The set was designed by New Mexico State University Professor Jim Billings and built at the NMSU Theater Arts scene shop. Production was executed by Elkhorn Entertainment and sales in New Mexico were handled by La Tewa Media. Proud Supporters of Bands of Enchantment Season one include: