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What is Bands of Enchantment?

Bands of Enchantment is a music television show celebrating rock, indie, hip-hop, country, and folk on the backdrop of New Mexico, the land of enchantment. Featuring established industry acts and incredible up-and-coming talent.

Where can I watch Bands of Enchantment?

You can stream full episodes of Bands of Enchantment on PBS, TUBI, AMAZON PRIME& ROKU!

For Exclusive content. Visit us on social media:

How can I attend a live taping?

Head to Contact and send us a message

How can I get in touch with Bands of Enchantment?

Visit our Contact Page and send us a line!

How does an artist or band get booked on Bands of Enchantment?

If your band is interested in being a part of BOE send us a message via our contact page. Include Youtube, Spotify, and social media links to your music. And be sure to follow us on social media for all updates!

Do you have internships?

Absolutely! Send us a message via

our Contact page to applY

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